The Cosmic Ordering Form

Below is a copy of the Cosmic Ordering Form based on the one I originally created for

The Cosmic Ordering Service is a method of reinforcing the act of manifesting created by the author Barbel Mohr. The basic idea behind Cosmic ordering is that you write an order for what you want and when you want it delivered, almost as though you were ordering something from a mail order company – in this case it’s called the “Cosmos”. Once the order is placed you expect it to be delivered with the same level of certainty that you’d expect from a physical mail order company. This helps to engender an extra level of belief that your order will be fulfilled.

The Cosmic Ordering Form (below) acts as a handy device to assist you with “placing” your orders with the cosmos. I use the word “placing” in the loosest possible way because, although I have set it up so that you should receive an email as a handy reminder for you of your orders, when you use the form and press the “send” button the order doesn’t go to any physical destination. Read and accept the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page as this explains that I don’t and can’t make any claims that the cosmic ordering form works in delivering your orders – The Cosmic Ordering Form is purely a device to help reinforce your intention and your belief that you will receive the orders you place. Beyond pressing the “send” button it’s all down to you to carry on with the belief process. Don’t worry, it’s totally free and there are no hidden catches – so give it a whirl 🙂

Good luck – and don’t forget to add a comment if you get your order fulfilled 🙂

To the Cosmos, here is my order for the following items to be delivered by the dates specified:

Your Name (required)

Order 1 (required)

Order 2 (Optional)

Order 3 (Optional)

Order 4 (Optional)

Order 5 (Optional)

Order 6 (Optional)

Your Email (Optional but required if you want a copy of your orders sent to you)

I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions below

Please note; The send button is disabled until you tick that you have accepted the Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:

Robb Williams and offer no guarantee of acceptance or delivery of your order and clicking “send” does not represent a legal or binding contract with Robb Williams or Robb Williams and do not claim to be a representatives or agents of the cosmos and offer this facility purely as entertainment. Robb Williams and make no claim that the Cosmic Ordering Service works or delivers results, and does not accept any liability for loss or damage that may be attributed to the completion of this form. 

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